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My camera battery charger has been kidnapped!  (Ok, I lost it.  Whatever.)  That would be why all the photos on this blog are only so-so (yes, I’m blaming the lack of a decent camera, not my lack of photographic skill).  I am now using my iPhone camera and while it’s pretty darn good, there’s no flash.  Did I mention the lighting in my apartment (especially in the kitchen) sucks?  

Alright, alright.  Part of it is that I really need to work on my food photography.  And the reason I’m telling you this now?  The photographs in my next post (coming soon) are really not impressive. 

So, blame it on a combination of the iPhone, my lack of skill, and my being so freaking hungry/impatient that by the time I get halfway through the food preparation, I no longer care about taking pictures.  At all.  Trust me, you’re lucky to get a halfway decent picture of the final product. 

If you love process pictures that show a step-by-step progression, there is a blog out there for you.  This isn’t it.  I’m trying to get better, but I make no promises…


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