How Twitter Changed My Life

5.20.10 § 8 Comments

I joined twitter about three weeks ago.  Up until then, I’d been vehemently opposed to tweeting.  I just didn’t understand.  I would roll my eyes when anyone in my vicinity would tweet, thinking that it was idiotic and a waste of time.  But I can admit it now:  I was wrong.  Twitter has changed my life. (This is a long story and although I find it highly entertaining and recommend you read it, if you want to skip to the end, just scroll down to the jump.) 

When I signed up, I started following my favorite food bloggers and looking at the people they followed, constantly adding new people to my twitter feed.  One of these people was Adam Roberts, the Amateur Gourmet.  You may remember him from my post about Compost Cookies, for which he was the inspiration. 

(*Note:  Since posting about those cookies, I ate one of the real ones from Momofuku Milk Bar – they tasted almost exactly the same:  delicious!  Make the cookies!)

Anyway, I started following Adam on twitter, which is how I found out about the 2nd Annual New York City Foodie Photo Scavenger Hunt.  I mentioned this quirky scavenger hunt to my friend Sally over dinner one night, and before I knew it, Sally had decided that we weren’t only going to participate, we were going to win.  Nonplussed, I found myself traipsing around New York City for an entire weekend, trying to complete everything on an outrageous list of tasks (if you go to that link, you have to scroll down a little to see the list).

One of these tasks included being kissed by someone outside Whole Foods while holding a sign that said, “Kiss me, I’m organic.”  I will admit that the list didn’t specify the kiss had to be on the lips or from a stranger, but I figured What’s life without a little risk?!

The risk paid off with a big rush of exhilaration, and I quickly tweeted about my scavenger hunt exploits.  (See, here we go, back to the main point – twitter.)  I was rewarded for sharing my fun moment on twitter when Adam re-tweeted my tweet.  (For those of you who don’t speak twitter, that just means that he reposted my post so that everyone following him could see it too.  He has 6,836 followers.  I have 36.)  Knowing he was interested in our progress gave Sally and me the boost we needed to get through the final day of our hunt.  If you’d like to see all of our funny photos, click here.

Unfortunately, despite our determination, we didn’t win first place.  We won second!  As our prize, we got to attend Tom Colicchio’s charity event, Toast to the Children, which benefits the Children of Bellvue.  Here’s a picture of us with the first place winners, Mike and Rachel:

We also got to meet the third place winners, Stephanie and Jerry—despite their awesomeness, I don’t have a picture with them, it’s on Stephanie’s camera.  But we’re glad we got to hang out with them nonetheless.  I won’t even go into the fact that I brushed up against Tom Colicchio, introduced myself to Dana Cowin, and got to eat tons of incredible food at this event, because I don’t want to brag…

Now for the exciting part.  If you were scrolling, STOP! 

Thanks to my new twitter obsession, I now spend unhealthy amounts of time checking my twitter feed to see what’s going on in the world.  (Or at least in the world of food, since almost everyone I follow is food-related.)

At the end of last week, Adam tweeted something particularly exciting:  “I’m looking for an NYC-based intern to help out with the cookbook.”  I had read about Adam’s new cookbook on his site and within minutes of seeing this tweet, I sent him an email trying desperately to convey my enthusiasm about working on a project like this without actually sounding desperate.

I’m not sure if it was the just-desperate-enough email, my determination to excel in the scavenger hunt, or what, but he emailed me back later that day to set up a meeting.  We met on Monday and after about 24 hours, my suspense was ended with the following tweet:  “Congrats to my new intern, @tylamfowler. I admire her most because, like me, she doesn’t have a microwave.”  (I’m basically still jumping up and down about it two days later.) 

So there you have it, that is how twitter changed my life. 

I can’t give you many more details because if I told you everything cool about this project, I’d have to kill you (and I’d hate to have to do that, because being in jail would definitely mean I couldn’t be Adam’s intern).

In conclusion, I’d like to apologize for any and all disparaging remarks about twitter.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Stay tuned folks, I have a feeling things are about to get fun.


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§ 8 Responses to How Twitter Changed My Life

  • sally says:

    The power of twitter! No need to thank Alex and I for converting you. =)

  • tyla says:

    You know you both have my undying gratitude!

  • Gin says:

    Holy crap woman, that’s awesome! Congratulations!

  • awesomeness. i actually saw that tweet and thought it sounded like a sweet gig!

    and i do agree that twitter is pretty sweet (tweet?) – last week i won two tickets to a charity event with some amazing NYC chefs, unlimited wine and beer, raffle prizes… all for sittin’ on my butt in my living room and watching my twitter feed!

  • Colleen says:

    SO exciting, Tyla! Hope to see you in July! 🙂

  • Donna says:

    Congratulations, Tyla! We’re so proud of you!

  • Carolynn says:

    Tyla that is such an awesome story! I joined Twitter last year and have had so many OMG TWITTER CHANGED MY LIFE moments so far. Goodluck on your new internship- looks PRETTY FREAKIN’ sweet!

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