Welcome (back) to New York

8.24.10 § 10 Comments

You’d think that coming back to New York after such an emotional trip home would be a return to normalcy.  Not so, unfortunately.  I came home this time to a problem at our apartment that couldn’t be ignored, a lease ending at the end of the month, the prospect of having less than 13 days to find an apartment in NYC that is both livable and affordable (which is laughable, considering my many unpaid exploits), and lastly, my first week of juggling two internships, both of which are supposed to be three days a week (with some smiling and sweet-talking I’ve been able to figure things out).  Needless to say, blogging has fallen by the wayside for the time being.  It’s really a bummer for me, because now that I’m finally starting to get enough readers to feel really excited about, I’ve it the most chaotic patch of my life that I’ve experienced, well, ever.  So if you’re still here dear reader, thanks for reading this and for bearing with me.

I have been cooking sporadically, despite the craziness.  Unfortunately, I’ve no new recipes to post.  I’ve been relying on those old favorites that you should make immediately if you haven’t already: panko-crusted chicken with mustard-maple pan sauce, garlicky hoisin beef, and balsamic grilled chicken sandwich with brie and mango chutney.  It’s been funny for me to see the recipes that I rely on when things get nuts.  It makes me wonder if any of you out there have some quick and reliable gems that you turn to time after time.  I could use a little variety.  And I’m guessing it will be a week or two before things calm down.  So please, share with me your favorites in the comments!

Lastly, I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but the internship I’m starting tomorrow is for a little publication some of you may have heard of—Saveur magazine.  God, I’m nervous!  I hope I don’t trip and fall or anything.  Wish me luck!


§ 10 Responses to Welcome (back) to New York

  • Gabby says:

    SAVEUR??? YOU ROCK, TYLA FOWLER. And if you happen to trip and fall, it’ll be a conversation starter for the rest of the week so you’ll make a ton of new friends (which I’m sure you’ll do anyway).

  • mara says:

    GOOD LUCK hun you’ll do great

  • Twila says:

    WOW! Seriously awesome sis! I am so proud of you in NYC. It was really good to see you and everyone again. Boys think you are the most awesome person they are related to!!!! Dont worry…u will find the perfect apt and things will settle down hopefully. I know you will do GREAT!

    LOVE LOVE….Twi

  • Gin says:

    Congratulations on the new desk! 🙂

    I’m pretty impressed by your go-to recipes. I usually make more than I can eat of soups, stews, pasta sauces, etc (I don’t really like leftovers, so that’s not a lot) and freeze a few portions so I have “emergency” food for times of need. I also tend to rely on really easy, fast things like egg sandwiches (I love a fried egg, roasted red pepper or fresh tomato slice, and feta) or bean and cheese burritos (usually refried beans from a can).

    This week is the first week of classes so I’m super busy AND nothing sounds appetizing because I’m still recovering from Mexico-induced digestive distress. I made the black bean soup you posted, and it was great the first day but thinking of the leftovers makes me kind of nauseous (I swear, I liked it). Any tips for what to make in sickly times when nothing sounds appealing?

  • renie says:

    Tyla, I’m so proud of you!!! I wish your life were less stressed and hectic now, but one day you’ll look back at this time and think these were the good ole days. So, make them the best!
    Love ya, Renie

  • totally excited to hear about your saveur adventures! you are awesome, girl!

    my go-to weeknight meal usually involves some quick protein, roasted veggies and fancy cheese + fruit. simple and boring, but it works for me.

  • Shady says:

    Congrats on the internship!! If only I could do the ‘unpaid adventures of a young food-lover in new york’ thing half as well as you ::wistful sigh:: I am in a similar ‘need to find an apartment fast!’ boat, so I wish us both the best of luck!

  • Jeffie says:

    Dearest Megan…Just because you haven’t heard from me doesn’t mean you aren’t in my thoughts and my heart. The past 5 months have been one big “OMG” [Competition~I now take Kindergarten dancers, need I say more? Recital~ now a 1 hour “Poodle Review” but most are slowly growing into performers who love dancing; if only I could get them to share what they feel inside (not that standard cheesy smile) & would it be too much to ask for consistent technique? The Studio has developed one consistent problem…it leaks for days when it rains (2 inches on the floor is the norm). 41 ceiling tiles out over the dance floor and then things went from bad to worse. The office and storage room filled with water (I lost 3/4 of my props, costumes, equipment etc.) then after spending 2 days emptying the storage room, cleaning, & organizing what was left I got back to preparing for Registration and dammit if it didn’t happen again!!! JUST SHOOT ME! (And this was after I was assured the problems were fixed. I still demanded the tarp be left on my roof until I had time to calm down & see what the malfunction was). I wasn’t in the studio working my normal 22 hours a day, I had gone home to sleep snf try to figure out what could be done to save part of the Registration. Well, by myself, without any help from landlords, or property manager. I started the whole process over again and took everything out to begin anew AND 3 DAYS OF MY REGISTRATION COULDN’T BE HELD as planned. I guess the good news was I never got to the newspaper to take my nfew ads in. Both times I had appointments to meet & go over advertising were the days the ceiling fell in. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    I don’t know what will happen with the studio. Classes start Tuesday and I have no students and no money for past due rent. I am existing in a remote control state over what can be done to collect last year’s past due accounts but most of my paper work was turned into a soggy mulch and now the computer thinks it has been afflicted (NOT)! So I needed a distraction and clicked you…I deserve YOU.

    I am so proud of you! Your job (internships) WOW! You will find an apt. and until you do you have a roof over your head. I don’t know what your recent emotional drama was but I am sorry. Things will work out (hopefully sooner than later). I do know that you are a survivor and things getting back to normal do not apply to people like us. You have never been “Normal”! I am curious why so many people embrace that word. Why would anyone want to conform to the standard or the common type and be usual, average, & regular? Not us…

    GOOD NEWS! Cricket had her baby day before yesterday. Things did not go as she had planned and after almost 40 hours of labor. The Dr. ordered C-section NOW! Her temp. was 103 and the baby was in major distress. [She had dozed off, alarms went off, but Cricket didn’t move. She had stopped breathing…] I wasn’t even told any details when Matt text ed me. After the baby had been checked out thoroughly (she didn’t cry at first and was blue) omg, Matt stayed with the baby the entire time (that was their birth plan). Cricket was finally taken to Intensive care and was resting— [She hadn’t even seen the baby so she demanded to breast feed Kherington before that happened. I wonder if she snapped her fingers or just gave that evil look she does when she is not happy, but things are great now (or so I’m told). I knew something wasn’t right because when Matt would call Cricket never talked to me…I figured she was beyond tired but it was still strange. He sent a photo with each text or call, so I got to feel like I was there. THEN HE TOLD ME EVERYTHING A DAY LATER. Kherington Richelle Keller weighed 7 lb 3 ounces and was 19 inches long. From what I can tell, she is cute and has Matt’s nose and long legs (thank you God).
    Cricket is now in a private room and I think she gets to go home on Saturday or Sunday. She did have the baby at Cedar Sinai so I know she is getting amazing care…they even gave Matt a cot to sleep on. THE BABY is in the room 24/7 with Matt assuming the duties as Mommy since Cricket is still a little loopy.

    OK, now that you know all of the news. I want you to chill, smile, & be you. I shall think of you as Marlo Thomas in the TV show “That Girl” (sorry, I’m old) or you could be Mary Tyler Moore in her TV show (but damn if I can’t think of the name of that show)!

    Love you Lots, Jeffie

  • mindy says:

    a little late to the party, but congratulations on your internship! i only wish your gigs would pay you for all the valuable work you must be doing. unpaid post-college internships shouldn’t be allowed.

    one of my go-to meals is chicken teriyaki. my cookbooks are still packed, but basically i just cut up chicken thighs into bite-sized pieces, dredge them in cornstarch, and saute in vegetable oil until golden on each side. then i add about 2 tbsp each sake, mirin, soy sauce, and sugar (maybe 3 of sugar) and let everything congeal (in a non-gross way) and get sticky and delicious, turning all the pieces over until they’re medium brown and covered in sauce. then i eat with rice and broccoli or bok choy and feel very pleased with myself.

  • Eric says:

    If I still lives in New York, I would bring you a bottle of wine and cook for you myself – although we both know it wouldn’t be to good lol

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