And the beat goes on…

3.3.11 § 8 Comments

Dear lord. I just looked at my blog for the first time in way too long, and I realized it’s been nearly a month since my last post! I had to ask myself, “What have you been doing that has kept you soooo busy, missy?”

Well, I’ve been busy finding out that the boy I was dating (yes the one who made me burgers) was actually already in a relationship. So, now I guess I’ve been someone’s mistress, albeit unwittingly, and I can check that one off the life list. (That was meant to be sarcastic in case you couldn’t tell. It’s hard to convey an eye roll on a blog.) And I’ve been busting my ass for a side job that definitely has a busy season, because with an unpaid internship it’s pretty crucial that when I get an opportunity to make money I take advantage of it. What else? Dealing with the fallout caused by the ambiguous nature of a friends/more-than-friends (?) relationship. I’ve learned my lesson there: you’ve got to be careful with liaisons that fall into that category. Oh, and then there was the temporary disappearance and mental breakdown of a family member (I’m still a little fuzzy on the details of this one) that was pretty scary for a minute or two. (If you guys could send some happy thoughts to my fam, I’d really appreciate it).  As if all that weren’t enough, I’ve found that my three-month-that-turned-into-seven-month stint at SAVEUR is coming to an end next week, so I’m once again trying to figure out what the hell to do with my life. Any thoughts? I haven’t gotten much farther than “Tyla, take deep breaths.”

Lastly, the death of a classmate from Duke, another young girl claimed by cancer, has come as quite a shock and left many of my friends reeling. Please send some major love and light to the family and friends of Lindsay Rawot, an amazing woman who was taken away too soon.

Bottom line: everything’s normal in my life (or so I’m starting to believe). I reiterate: Universe, I’m tired of the lessons and I would like some hugging now please. K? Thanks.

I had planned for this post to be about some awesome roast chicken, but you know, now that it’s half-written, I think that the life recap is enough for now. Back to the food in the next post, I promise. But until then, I leave you with a cheery song by April Smith (I’ve been relying heavily on cheery music lately…), who I saw last night in concert. She rocks my world and you should all go buy her album Songs for a Sinking Ship.

Final note for those of you out there who worry: I’m okay. I’m getting really good at rolling with the punches.


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§ 8 Responses to And the beat goes on…

  • Jo says:

    I’m sending you happy thoughts through the blogosphere! Can’t wait to see a recipe 🙂

  • Wishing you the best of thoughts, Tyla. 🙂 🙂 I’m sure things will get better for you soon. 😉

  • Jasmine says:

    So happy to see another post!!! 🙂 It sounds like life is throwing you some really crazy punches right now, but as you said, you seem to be doing a great job dealing with them too. Sending good energy your way!

    (Also, love the song. I’ll have to check her out!)

  • Daryn says:

    Hey T – was just thinking about you today so it was great to see your post in the inbox. Sorry to hear that the universe has continued being rather unkind in the new year though… 😦 Sending good thoughts to you, your family member and the family of your classmate…can’t believe another promising young life ended so soon. Just had a loss in my extended family – someone also too young – so def feeling your pain on that one. Last – I knew that guy sounded a little too good to be true! Alas. Take care and keep your chin up…things will get better. hope to see you soon! Hugs, D

  • Elena Stankovska says:

    Hey Tyla,
    I was cleaning up my fb and came across your profile! It’s a pity that since Bard i haven’t stopped and said hi but i saw your blog (because i was nosy like that) and read a bit of it! There isn’t really much of an answer to our troubles i find, they do happen for a reason but unfortunately we only find out that reason at a point where we don’t remember the lesson (or most people don’t). As cliche as this may be to you though, after much drama in my life, I liked this one quote from the oscars the other night about the load on our shoulders. It was this actress who said that it wasn’t the load that breaks us down but the way we carry it. From what i have read i think you are really a strong person and have managed to get back up when your load seemed far more than your weight (metaphorically speaking). Don’t despare! Universe is weird like that but don’t let that distract you! IT’s all a balance i believe after some bad comes some good! I believe and live for it! I think it works!

  • Tori Nelson says:

    Oh girl. Sorry to hear about the chaos lately. When it rains, it pours! I read a post by The Bloggess not too long ago that has helped me with the loss of a friend. She insists that she’s had enough sadness and declares to the Universe that she is about to get “FURIOUSLY happy” just to spite it. Keep smiling and trucking along. Things will get better!

  • Thanks for the April Smith suggestion! I’m downloading her album now. I’ll return the favour and suggest you check out Edward Sharpe (the album is called Up From Below)if you haven’t already. It makes me happy.


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